Communicating intent

It used to be enough to communicate your actions.  No longer.  Increasingly stakeholders like the Carbon Disclosure Project are requesting information on strategic direction, intentions and measures.  Front runners like Walmart and Unilever are not only complying, but insisting their supply chains do too. We work with you to create a compelling vision that attracts employees and customers alike.

Bringing people along

It’s said people don’t like change.  If that were true, the world wouldn’t be awash in iPods and laptops.  But people do want to be the architects of their change.  We work with you to design trainings, workshops and communications that engage your staff, and get them focussed on moving your business forward — sustainably.  A happy byproduct: they often describe a greater sense of loyalty to the company and fulfillment in their job — and that turns into greater productivity.

Keeping it moving

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your organisation just ‘got it’ and moved forward? Some people do, some don’t, some leap, some relapse, and some may try to pull things back to the way they were... We help design networks, processes, policies,  and catalyzing activities to ensure that your intentions are fulfilled, and even surpassed.

For an example, see: Creating organisational buy-in


"Our Goal: Zero Emissions."


"Zero environmental footprint by 2050."


Caroline Rennie did an outstanding job during Learning Week at WWF International. Not only is she very knowledgeable on a range of topics, such as sustainability, communication and change management, she is also a formidable facilitator who draws out the best from the participants. Her way of working is interactive, fun and she stretches the individuals into new territories and insights with immediate applicability in the day-to-day workplace.
— Carolina Moeller, Head of Business Education, WWF International
Ms. Rennie is an engaging and inspirational speaker, with great insight on sustainable business models and market developments. She is an expert in sharing her knowledge in a way that works for a diverse group of people. Based on the workshop she so excellently lead us through,  we have generated numerous ideas on developing our own business as well as our clients’ organizations.
— Carine Zeier, VP Marketing, Norconsult