Clarity of purpose breaks through even the toughest barriers.

Clarity of purpose breaks through even the toughest barriers.

Issue:   Creating Organisational buy-in for sustainability

Situation:  Sustainability was considered peripheral to this multinational packaging company.  It was  considered the purview of a specialist group in headquarters, and not a part of daily business.  As a result, the organisation was not speaking with one voice, issues were managed post-hoc, and the relatively good sustainability performance was not used to differentiate and grow the business.

Solution:  Leverage good sustainability position by creating common understanding of the value of sustainability to the business.  Trained environmental, communications and commercial teams; developed and delivered interactive show for top 800 managers which highlighted competitive advantages, trends, and need for investment; and increased visibility of sustainability initiatives.  Created optimistic, humorous, and engaging formats that were sufficiently instructive to generate action.


  • Positive internal and external reputation; 
  • sustainability now part of core strategy;
  • all countries have senior-level responsibles for environment/sustainability; 
  • development and agreement of ambitious goals and vision; 
  • partnerships with environmental groups.

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