We've worked on sustainability issues for multi-national and small businesses, as well as NGOs and government.  We founded the Environmental Affairs function for Continental Can PET,  ran environmental affairs and communications for Tetra Pak,  and teach sustainability at the Business School Lausanne. Here are some examples of projects we've undertaken.


  • Written GRI Environment and Sustainability reports
  • Written articles for internal and external magazines
  • Designed and wrote web sites
  • Written and produced videos for conferences and trade shows
  • Produced and delivered live events (e.g. multi-media quizz/game shows) to engage staff
  • Curated and produced multi-media environmental exhibits and programmes

Trainings & workshops

Designed and delivered for company staff, customers, NGOs and blends of the three:

  • sustainability, environmental and change management trainings
  • workshops on leadership, employee engagement, diversity, communications, strategy & teambuilding

Professor of Sustainability and Management at Business School Lausanne, Lecturer at TIAS/Nimbas School of Management

Stakeholder engagement

Designed and delivered multi-stakeholder

  • Interviews 
  • Workshops 
  • Facilitated meetings 

...for business, NGOs, retailers, customers and government


  • Developed & defined strategies for customer and social engagement
  • Developed employee engagement strategy around sustainbaility
  • Designed and ran studies on branded goods companies’ evolving commitments in sustainability domain 
  • Developed stakeholder interview processes

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