Change management, Communications, employee engagement, facilitation

Susan Goldsworthy, (formerly Vice President Communications for Tetra Pak International)

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Sustainability, Strategy, Training/Workshops

Dr. Katrin Muff

Dean, Business School Lausanne

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1022 Chavannes, Switzerland

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I would highly recommend Caroline Rennie. I greatly appreciated the prep time spent discussing my objectives, and was really pleased with her ideas and the final programme. I thought Caroline did a fantastic job of making the day interesting, having the unit work interactively in teams on varied tasks, keeping the energy levels up, and reflecting on how and why we completed the assigned tasks the way that we chose. She also did a great job getting people out of their “silos” and working together as members of a team, which is something that we do not do as often as I would like.
— Justin Rice, Head Project Finance Unit, WWF
What a fantastic evaluation! Congrats and thanks a lot for your great engagement.
— Professor Thomas Dyllick, Director, Institute for Economy and the Environment, University of St. Gallen
I had the pleasure of hiring Caroline as one of the main speakers at our sustainability conference six months ago. We are still talking about it! Her presentation was excellent; she is an expert at sharing her knowledge and one gets truly inspired listening to her. She has enthusiasm and engagement, and she is also highly professional and offers the most structured communication in preparation. We would highly recommend her.
— Hilde Kristofferson, Business Development Econa (Management Economics Association Norway)
What I found excellent in your session was a very balanced combination of fun and diversified activities with discovery and practice of key communication, motivation and organisational concepts. In particular, the added-value resided in the fact that we did not feel at all that we were in a formal learning/training context, while substantial lessons could be drawn at various levels: individual, team, and the team in relation with the organisation and external clients. To give a metaphor, it was like swimming in a river in the sense of the stream.
— Philippe Nihan, Manager Project Finance Operations, WWF

Stakeholder engagement, Change Processes

Maria Krasilowez

Director, Sales Management Cluster South Europe

Tetra Pak

Viale Della Resistenza 56/A

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