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Personal Experience

We’ve been in the trenches:  worked as Environmental Affairs Director for multinational companies, in multiple countries, and on everything from enabling local recycling to getting ISO 14000 certification and writing GRI reports.  We’ve worked in and with government, NGOs and local authorities directly, and as industry partners.  We’ve built up the Sustainability functions, written the policies, developed the trainings and communications, and secured the buy-in from top management.  

Our Network

Of course we’ve built up a network through our work globally.   But we’ve broadened it further as LEAD fellows — working with colleagues throughout the world, with the Tällberg Forum Pathfinders Programme, and participating in fora such as the TEEB / IUCN biodiversity workshops, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, and specialist conferences.  If we don’t have the answers ourselves, we certainly know the people who do.


And, sentimental as it may sound, we care — about getting sustainability right, about helping you forward your business, and about good working relationships.  Our role is to support you in working more sustainably, and we can only do that if you find working with us fun, professional, transparent, and trustworthy.   

But you don’t have to take our word for it — see what our clients say...

Or look through examples of some of the projects we've done, and find out more about our experience.

You really helped us make sense of our employee’s wishes, and prepare a strategy for harnessing that energy. In fact, you made it very clear what we needed to do to galvanize our sustainability engagement!
— Anne Guerin-Moels, Senior VP Sustainability, Alstom
I loved your dedication — I could trust you to make the time and drive the programme. In the customer workshop you brought an atmosphere in which people speak, even in this big workshop with people who didn’t know each other. You made this really complex subject easy to understand for everybody.
— Kajsa Jeppsson, Training & Development, Tetra Pak International
Your presentation towered above the others, and listening to you was really inspiring.
— Jan Torjus Thompson, Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Environment
I really like working with you, and I would not hesitate working with you again. You’re very engaged. You know your environmental stuff and understand the issues; you can really get into what you’re delivering so we didn’t have to explain what we were trying to do. I think all along the project to write the Environment & Social Report you’ve been very clear about being transparent and open, plans, availability, and that’s really important. You were fully engaged and driving the project forward. I would highly recommend your work.
— Charlotta Lyon, Director Environmental Communications, Tetra Pak International